Update Communication

Email communication from Mike Giammarco

“Dear Neighbours


Just a quick report on our February 9th meeting.


  1. Piped water -Council has approved and accepted our petition and now MPE engineering is in the process of designing and exploring the two possible routing that the line will travel, once this is done it will go out for quotes to the contractors.  Doug Webb(E) and Bob Gablehaus (2) will be working with the engineer and the MD to look at all the possible quotes and try to get the best pricing for the residents who signed the petition.


  1. Fiber optics -Suzanne and Jeff Cappis (17) reported and gave updates, this will continue to be looked at and in the next meeting more reports will be made available.


  1. Property Owners going forward, there is no need to form an association or a society therefore we will continue as it has been, the piped water committee that was formed over two years ago will continue its work and Doug Webb will be our spokesperson.  If you have any questions and wish to get a hold of Doug his phone number is 403-370-9735 and his email address is djwebb@live.ca.


Also at the meeting a Social Committee was formed with Jeff Cappis (17) and Jordyn Meyer (13) and Ted Perizzolo (18). They will be organizing some social events during the course of this year and will keep you informed.


We are in the process of organizing a contact list for all the owners who wish to participate, if you have not done so please let us know if you wish to be put on this list so that we will provide this information to all our neighbours.

Please provide your response to Doug Webb.


I am now in Italy, it was a long flight.  I will be here until November running our Giamia Villas and gardens, we are marketing our villas by the internet.  Look up our website  www.giamia.com.  Even though I am here I will always be available for you to contact me at giammarco40@hotmail.com, and I have a Calgary phone number also 403-800-5625.


Once again I thank all of you who let me into your homes and got to know each other better.


Have the best of days”


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